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Your Trusted Advisor Across Industries & Jurisdictions

Karen Muller, Esq. provides comprehensive corporate legal services, leveraging her extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and nutraceutical industries. As a licensed attorney in California, Florida, Nevada, New York, and Wisconsin, she brings over 25 years of corporate legal expertise to her private practice. Her career has spanned law firms, corporations, and even major investment banks, where she headed the corporate counsel department.

A Strong Portfolio

Before launching her independent practice as a corporate attorney in 2008, Ms. Muller held significant roles at Southern California's Epoch Networks, Inc. Serving as Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, she played a pivotal role in successfully navigating the restructuring and sale of Epoch's Internet Service Provider business—the largest privately held ISP in the nation. Preceding her tenure at Epoch, Ms. Muller assumed the position of Managing Director at Lehman Brothers. In this capacity, she led the corporate counsel department, overseeing a spectrum of corporate legal affairs, including board and shareholder matters, public filings, corporate finance, compensation and benefits, and a multitude of merger and acquisition transactions.

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Karen's Background

Karen's background as a senior associate at the Wall Street law firm Cahill, Gordon & Reindel has honed her expertise, working on securities, corporate finance and merger and acquisition transactions, including many Drexel Burnham transactions such as the acquisition of Revlon by Pantry Pride. A Fordham Law School graduate who was a published member, Karen provides a blend of high experience and affordability. She aims to satisfy the needs of growing businesses in need of legal assistance.

Affordability for High Experience Level

With a wealth of experience in both legal and business domains, Ms. Muller seamlessly integrates these skills to pinpoint the key business risks demanding legal attention. Beyond her roles in a prominent New York law firm and a major investment bank, she has also excelled as a business broker. Leveraging her proficiency in corporate affairs, encompassing Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Finance, Securities Law, and related fields, she caters to the requirements of burgeoning businesses that find themselves financially constrained when seeking services from large law firms. Notably, her rates are substantially below the average billing rates of corporate partners in such large law firms. Visit the services page to learn about services offered by Karen Muller, Esq.

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